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Social media marketing agency based, less than an hour away from Melbourne, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Helping to make social media for business less overwhelming, more fun and effective.

We work with big and small businesses wanting to make an impact on social media.

Working our social media magic with businesses locally and all across Australia.




Lovely people, saying lovely things

  • "Thank you, Serena, for digging deeper into the 'whys' of my business. Along with practical ideas and clear strategies to move forward, you’ve given me the confidence and self belief that I can totally do this."

    Sue Ko Sue Ko Studio
  • "Working with Serena is easy, and she has developed Dawtek a Social Media Strategy which is growing my business and providing my customers with valuable insights about my services. Not only is she creative with the posts and graphics, but she also keeps my customers engaged with meaningful content. Serena also creates my Facebook ads and drives a lot of traffic and business to my sites. I have been working with Serena for 18 months and consider her an extension of my business. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

    Kristine Daw Dawtek
  • “We are extremely grateful for Serena's amazing help with our social media. I have found Serena to be genuinely excited about delivering our message and our content, and her creativity really shines through our clinic direction. Choosing Speak Out Social has taken away the huge time investment we were making for this aspect of our business but reintroduced the fun part of our marketing. So being able to put back this time into the business, and finding the fun again has been really fantastic! Thank you Serena

    Mirielle Schreuders Dermal Aesthetics & The Glow Room
  • "It's been so valuable to have a few sessions with Serena and now such a comprehensive framework for our two activity streams. Thanks for your social media expertise, encouragement and resources. We're feeling much more confident and strategic with our comms." 

    Tracey McDonald & Janey Francis Her Drum & The Springboard Series
  • “Extremely informative and helpful. Serena spoke in a way I could understand and didn’t just use all technical jargon. Thank you!”

    Joy Straford Quirky Collective
  • “I feel like I got a lot out of the workshop with Serena. Running a business is so time consuming and I often put social media strategy in the too hard basket. I’ve walked away from today’s workshop with a plan and a whole lot less anxiety!”

    Nikki Bardis Silky Tots
  • “Serena, of Speak Out Social is, a fountain of knowledge and her presentation is to the point. Serena makes you think outside the square and pushes you outside your boundaries. I would highly recommend Serena for any social media teachings no matter your level of knowledge.”

    Deirdre Keely Emerald Intuitive Healing
  • "I found the FB ads session really, really helpful. I thought that between the two of you I was getting a great service - it's really obvious you've got different approaches & strengths to each other so I felt like I was being operated from two directions by a very well oiled machine. I really don't know my way around facebook & computers in general (I'm sure you noticed, HA!) so it was really great to have someone just go 'right, here I am doing it for you.' while also explaining what to do and show me and not make me feel like an idiot for not knowing how to use my own computer which was much appreciated!" 

    Claire Ballantyne Rhodes & Hart Studio

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